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Expert Plumbing Services for Your Home or Business in Madisonville, KY and Surrounding Areas

Modern Bathroom

At Prow Brothers Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning, our Madisonville plumbing experts can do it all – from toilet repairs to full plumbing installations, reroutes, and gas lines. We always want to provide our customers with the help they need, which is why we make sure to stay updated on all of the latest equipment, fixtures, tools, and training so we can be prepared to take on any task and help you prevent future plumbing issues.

Whether your in Union, Daviess, McLean, Webster, Crittenden, Hopkins, Muhlenberg, Lyon, Caldwell or Christian County, our team can provide you with the help that you need.

New Construction Plumbing

Trust Our Licensed & Professional Inland Empire Plumbers

Whether you are undergoing construction on a new commercial building or doing renovations in your home, it is important that you find a trusted Madisonville plumber to help you. Plumbing problems can cause significant damage if not addressed by a professional. At Prow Brothers, we can handle every aspect of your new construction plumbing and ensure it is handled in a timely manner.

New construction can be an overwhelming project, but we strive to give you peace of mind that the plumbing aspects are taken care of. We meet with our customers to learn about your unique project needs and ensure we understand your budget, timeline, and preferences.

We can handle all types of plumbing construction, including:

  • Water service installations
  • Sewer installation
  • Commercial installation
  • Tenant Improvements
  • Single-family home installation
  • Renovation/addition installation
  • and much more…

Repairs and Installation

If your home plumbing system is in need of repair, call the your local Hopkins County Plumbing Specialists immediately. When it comes to residential plumbing system repairs, time is crucial, and you’ll want to make sure that you are getting service that you can trust. As a responsible homeowner, it’s important that you do not neglect or rely on quick fixes to repair various plumbing system needs. Our specialists are seasoned and trained, mixing years of experience with the newest state of the art equipment. Everything from the equipment we use to the services that we offer are top of the line. We guarantee that when we repair your pipes, drains, faucet, toilet, sump pump, sewer lines, etc., that it’s repaired for years to come.

If you think that you may need any of the required services below, please give our specialists a call immediately. Neglectful time is wasted time and wasted money. Don’t wait! Our process is simple, easy, and effective:

  • Leaking Pipe and Drain Repair
  • Shower Repair
  • Garbage Disposal Repair
  • Well Heater Repair
  • Sewer and Water Line Repair
  • Well Repair
  • Sump Pump Repair
  • Emergency Plumbing Repair Services
  • And more!

Diagnostics and Maintenance

As a responsible homeowner, you will need to make sure that you keep up with your home’s plumbing system maintenance. Sometimes, that can be as simple as picking up the phone and calling the specialist. At Prow Brothers Plumbing, we are trained in certified in all plumbing maintenance services that your household may need. There’s no reason to neglect your system and allow a detrimental and financial draining breakage or emergency to occur before taking notice of your system’s flaws. Together, we’ll work with you to make sure that you and your household are safe, comfortable, and confident with your plumbing system.

We offer a variety of plumbing system maintenance services that will help keep your home running for the long haul. These are some of the most common, but most pressing areas that need to be checked, monitored and maintenanced on a consistent basis. Below, you’ll see a list of our most experienced services offer:

  • After-hours emergency plumbing system diagnosis and repair.
  • Through system-wide inspections.
  • Leak detection and repair for all aspects of your system.
  • Pipe and drain cleaning and unclogging.
  • Sewage system inspection, repair, and replacement.
  • Additional services such as water heater and sump pump maintenance.

After speaking with us over the phone, we’ll be sure to send out our professional, friendly, and courteous specialists perform a routine inspection of your entire plumbing system. We’ll leave no pipe or drain unchecked. Once we’ve completed our inspection, we’ll be sure to give you a full rundown of our findings. Then, we’ll work with you to find a maintenance plan that works for your budget. We’ll also be sure to schedule flexible times that work well within your daily schedule. We understand that your time is important and strive to always be extremely efficient. We’ll be in and out of your house quickly, having done a quality thorough maintenance that will keep your plumbing system healthy and running smoothly for years to come. Call us today.

Emergency Servies

Whether it’s an overflowing toilet, or you’ve had a pipe burst with inches of water on the floor that just keeps growing; the specialists at Prow Brothers Plumbing will work with you to resolve the situation as swiftly as possible. We’ve got the expertise, high-quality tools, and the determination to fix any plumbing disruption that hits your home, anywhere and anytime at all. are only a phone call away. We will promptly send out our friendly, professional, and knowledge expert plumbers to work with you to diagnose and solve any emergency situation (even the icky ones). Don’t let sewer line stoppages, burst water hoses, frozen pipes, broken water heaters, and more become a financially wasteful nuisance. We’ll get the job done NOW.

When these accidents happen, you need to bring in specialists that you can trust. We’re season plumbing veterans and we understand that accidents happen when you least expect it. We work with and use only the best, state of the art, equipment to ensure that your plumbing emergency is solved quickly, thoroughly, efficiently. Even though we’re called for an emergency service, our work is anything but a short-term and cheap quick fix. We’re determined to fix your pipes, lines, toilets, faucets, water heaters, and more to perfection, ensuring that our repairs last for years, not weeks or months.

Piping and Repiping

If your pipes have begun to leak or are causing damage to your property, repiping may be necessary. At Prow Brothers, our Madisonville plumbers understand the problems that broken or damaged pipes can cause. We are experienced in the installation and replacement of pipes and can help determine if your pipes are due for replacement. Whether we are placing new pipes or replacing existing pipes, we are committed to using the highest quality materials.

Rooter/Hydro-Jetting Services

Over time, tree roots can invade worn or weathered underground pipes and lines, disrupting your residential plumbing systems. As a responsible homeowner, it’s important to have your lines pipes and inspected thoroughly and professionally on a routine basis. The tree roots can wreak all sorts of havoc on water and sewer lines resulting in dirty side-effects within your kitchen and bathroom sinks and drains, and expensive damage to your entire home plumbing system and property.

Another common situation finds yourself holding a plunger often. Your drains and water line may be dealing with a severe build-up of gunk, debris, and all manner of ickiness. Over time, repeated household use can cause a major build up in your lines and drains, this can present an expensive nuisance if you are not dealt with in the correct way. At the Plumbing Specialists, we’re not just cleaning residential drains and water lines - we’re hydro jetting them!

Give us a call if you are experiencing any of the above symptoms for a diagnostic examination of your pipes.

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