What Do Variable-Speed Heat Pumps Offer Homeowners?

Once little-known outside of early adopters and industry professionals, variable-speed heat pumps have recently exploded in popularity nationwide. While there’s plenty of hype, what do these high-tech heating and cooling systems really have to offer Madisonville, KY, homeowners?

Cleaner, Quieter, More Efficient Operation

As the name implies, the key feature of variable-speed heat pumps is the ability to function at multiple speeds. In other words, these systems automatically operate at precisely the output level needed to reach and maintain your desired temperature. Since they rarely need to run at full power, they make less noise and use less energy than conventional systems. Instead, they usually operate at low speeds over much longer periods. This has the secondary benefit of circulating air through the air filter more frequently, resulting in better overall air quality.

More Accurate and Consistent Temperature Control

In addition to consuming less energy, the low-and-slow approach of variable-speed heat pumps effectively prevents large temperature fluctuations. Whereas ordinary systems often overshoot the setpoint temperature, variable-speed units can continually recalibrate their output to achieve precise control. The steady, gentle airflow they generate also helps to distribute conditioned air more evenly. This produces more consistent and uniform conditions throughout your home, minimizing hot and cold spots and providing greater sensible comfort.

Greater Reliability and System Longevity

Despite running almost continuously, variable-speed heat pumps actually sustain less wear and tear than their conventional counterparts. That’s because HVAC equipment is subjected to far more stress while cycling on and off than while operating normally. Since variable-speed systems have such lengthy and infrequent heating and cooling cycles, their internal components rarely experience heavy strain. Consequently, they can be expected to break down less often and ultimately last longer than comparable single-speed systems.

Can a new variable-speed heat pump boost the comfort and efficiency of your Western Kentucky home? Call the experts at Prow Brothers Plumbing Heating & AC to request a free estimate or schedule your professional HVAC installation today.

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