Three Reasons You Need a Generator in Greenville, KY

Power disruptions can be inconvenient in your Greenville, KY home. You’ll have challenges navigating in the dark, staying warm, and preserving the freshness of your food. Here are three main benefits of having a backup generator installed.

1. Saves You Money

Running a business makes you vulnerable to a complete work shutdown during a power outage. Having a generator allows you to keep your business or home office running. A generator also ensures you have electricity for essential needs like Wi-Fi and your climate control system.

A backup generator that automatically activates when the power goes out also protects home and business equipment from surges. This can prevent costly HVAC system repairs and can help all your appliances last longer.

2. Safety

Power outages are notorious for inconvenient timing, and receiving warnings is uncommon. It can go off after restocking your fridge, leading to financial loss and wasted meals. A backup generator ensures your fridge and freezer keep running during unexpected emergencies.

Generators provide a consistent power source for those relying on medical devices such as oxygen or heart monitors. This eliminates the concern of these devices turning off at critical times.

3. Runs a Sump Pump

Sump pumps are standard in areas prone to flooding. They help to remove excess water pre-emptively. Storms that cause power outages often also have heavy rain, increasing the chance of flooding.

Power outages can render the sump pump useless, making your home vulnerable to water damage. Therefore, connecting the sump pump to a generator maintains a dry basement even during a power outage.

Generators are not optional luxuries but indispensable backup power solutions. Choosing the appropriate model for the task can be challenging if you lack expertise. Feel free to contact Prow Brothers Plumbing Heating & AC for professional electrical services, including installing a whole-home generator.

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