How Does Electric Heating Work

electric heater

With the holiday months upon us, many are now turning off their air conditioners and turning on the heaters in their houses to keep warm during the winter. Most people do not really think about how most of their appliances work, but knowing whether your home is powered by electric heat or some other type of heating method is important.

Electric heating is one of the more efficient ways to warm a home, especially in comparison to natural gas. At R&D Indoor Comfort, we specialize in installing and repairing all forms of cooling and heating units, including electric heating units. If you are unaware of how electric heating works, it is really quite simple and presents a variety of benefits.

The Basics of Heating

Essentially, electric heating is the process in which electrical energy is converted into heat. This takes place when an electrical current passes through a device called a resistor, which turns the current into electricity. While the concept is ultimately the same, heat can be distributed throughout homes in several different ways.

The most common method is through radiative heaters (also known as space heaters), which contain coils that reach high temperatures and emit heat that can warm homes. Convection heaters produce warm air that is released through vent holes, which make them more suitable for larger homes. There are also radiant heating systems that utilize electricity to heat tubes of water that can be used to heat the floors of buildings.

The Economic and Environmental Benefits of Electric Heating

Electric heating is not only simple to understand, but also comes with several advantages when it comes to heating homes. Electric heating is environmentally friendly and an efficient way to heat homes because it uses fewer natural resources and has a high conversion rate of turning electric particles into heat. Furthermore, unlike other outdated heating systems, most electric heating machines have the ability to convert nearly all of their energy into heat.

Electric heating systems can also save you a tremendous amount of money, as certain electric heating units have the ability to “purchase” electricity when prices are low and then use it whenever you need heat. Overall, it is a much more efficient way to manage the heat in your home, as you can conserve the heat you want to use until you actually need it without being charged an exorbitant rate.

At R&D Indoor Comfort, we are happy to tell you more about the benefits of electric heating, and more importantly, we can easily install or repair any type of electric heating unit in your home. Electric heating is the way of the future, as it can easily heat most homes with little effort, is much better for the environment, and is far more efficient than other heating methods are. Most importantly, when it comes to being warm and comfortable in your own home, you deserve the very best, and electric heating provides it.

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