4 Signs of a Water Leak in Hopkinsville, KY

Having a water leak in your Hopkinsville, KY home is a serious problem. It can lead to a wealth of issues, from significant increases in your water bill to damage to your foundation and other structural components. Learn more about the signs of a water leak so that you can detect it quickly and have a professional fix it.

Utility Bill Increases

In some cases, an increase in your water bill is the only sign that there is a water leak in your home. You might also notice that the water meter readings are unusual. A professional might turn off your water and then look at the meter because, if it keeps changing, this is indicative of a leak somewhere.

Standing Water or Visible Damage

You might see water coming out of a pipe or damp patches throughout your space, especially on floors, walls, or ceilings. In some cases, laminate or wood flooring might discolor or warp due to moisture. If you have tiles, excess moisture could cause these to loosen.

Your Hear Water Running

You may hear a dripping sound if there is a leak in the pipes in your ceiling or walls. Leaky faucets can also cause a dripping sound. A running water sound is also possible when there is a leak in the home’s foundation or walls.

Reduced Water Pressure

It is common for water pressure to decrease when there is a water leak. This is because the leak allows water to stop moving at full force in the damaged area, making it come out of the affected faucets with less force than usual.

It is imperative to call a plumber as soon as you notice a water leak. This can help to reduce the risk of more extensive damage in the future. Call Prow Brothers Plumbing Heating & AC today to learn more about water leaks and how our plumbers tackle them.

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