4 Reasons Water Heater Repairs Aren’t DIY Projects in Calhoun, KY

There are numerous DIY tasks that you can perform around your Calhoun, KY home to keep it in good condition; however, water heater repair is not one of them. Here are four reasons why DIY water heater repair can be dangerous and even catastrophic.

1. Invalidates the Warranty

You may think you’ll save money by completing minor repairs to your hot water tank on your own. Unfortunately, you may discover that you’ve inadvertently invalidated your warranty when it comes time for an expensive repair or replacement. Protect yourself and contact a professional to repair your water heater.

2. Scalding Water

While an ideal temperature setting for a water heater is 120 degrees, there are times when the thermostat may malfunction, and the water temperature could be extremely hot. DIY water heater repairs can put you and your family in danger of getting scalded.

3. Electrical Hazards

Electric water heaters rely on high-voltage electricity to supply you with hot water. Trying to perform a DIY repair without the proper training can put you at risk of electrical hazards. You can get electrocuted and become seriously injured, or you could start an electrical fire.

4. Gas Leak

Gas water heaters are particularly hazardous for the DIY homeowner. If you don’t properly repair or install the hot water tank, the gas line may leak. This can potentially cause a fire or even an explosion in extreme situations. Trained plumbers have the training and tools to complete maintenance jobs without endangering loved ones.

Even if you think you know how to perform water heater repairs by watching DIY videos on the internet, you will never have the training and experience of a professional plumber. Keep your family and your home safe by leaving the repairs to the professionals who have spent years working hard to maintain their licenses. If your water heater is malfunctioning, call Prow Brothers Plumbing Heating & AC for help right away.

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